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Acupuncture and bioenergy applied by Doctor Wolfson

The greatest successes are achieved in treatment of the following diseases:

Other feature of treatment according to principles of Chinese medicine is, that all pathological manifestations of disease - physical, functional and emotional - in the given patient are simultaneously treated.

For over 20 years, complex methods of weight reduction and the stop-smoking treatments developed in Wolfson Institute are successfully applied.

On treatment of male infertility scientific work was carried out. The findings were published in an article in the international magazine " Archives of Andrology ". An original method of treatment of Pierone disease by soft laser radiation was developed.

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Phenomenon of Chinese Medicine

The Chinese medicine can be named one of the Greatest Miracles of the World which, the same as the Egyptian pyramids, is not stacked in the traditional circuit of a civilization based on a principle: from primitive knowledge - to accomplished. Only having assumed, that in the Antiquity the knowledge of the human body was much deeper, than in the modern world, it is possible to explain the very complex and strictly logical system of energy channels and points, on which the acupuncture - one of the major methods of Chinese medicine - is based.

By the way, a little who knows, that the Western civilization has borrowed the greatest set of the achievements in China. It includes decimal calculation, a paper and printing, mechanical clocks, fire-arms, multistage missiles, a magnetic compass, navigation, the steam engine, paper money and even brandy and whisky (Robert Tempel, "The Genius of China "). As writes known physics Fritjof Capra, substantive provisions of quantum physics and the theory of a relativity were stated by Chinese and Indian philosophers thousands years ago.

In article " Myths of ancient China in the eyes of a human of nuclear era " by the Russian specialist in China culture, professor Lisevich, the following assumption, based on studying of ancient Chinese manuscripts, is stated: approximately 6000 B.C. China was visited by aliens. One of newcomers became Emperor of China and stayed in this post for 100 years then has departed home, in constellation of the Lion. Probably, secrets of medicine were transferred to ancient Chinese by the wise and much more progressed civilization.


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click here to read the article of Dr. Wolfson "The Puzzle of Acupuncture" that was published on The American Journal of Chinese Medicine [An International Journal of Comparative Medicine East and West], Vol. 31, No. 6 (2003) 983-990


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